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Ride the waves!

Paddling kayak is challenging, exciting and always filled with adventures. With adrenalin-filled joy, you get the opportunity to explore and conquer the river all on your own.

While paddling a kayak you really get the chance to feel the mighty rivers power. This is your break at pushing your limits, discovering new sides about your person, and get the satisfying feeling of mastering a new skill. Everything under the guidance of our highly competent and experienced instructors. Safety is our first priority, of course. 

A better place than this is hard to find throughout the world. In the area of Lom and Skjåk, we have a great number of different rivers and the falls and rapids are truly amazing. This is also the spot where you can find the well-known Skjåk-wave, where both the Norwegian and the European championships of kayak-rodeo have taken place. Here you are guaranteed to find your own personal favorite river. Perhaps it is the Åstri or Otta rivers that makes your eyes stare into a distance. Or maybe your heart beats faster when you hear the names like Bøvra, Skjøli or Tora? 

Either way there is something for everyone here. We got big rivers, technical rivers, big suitable waves and sections in the river perfect for beginners. 

If you never tried to sit in a kayak, if you want to brush up your technique, or if you want to have a guided tour in one or several of our many rivers, Lom & Skjåk Adventure are here for you.



Duration: From 1 day and up.

Season: May – October.

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