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Exciting rafting!

Rafting in the area of Lom and Skjåk, is due to the great variety of rivers, an amazing experience.
Here you can find something for all preferences. The big, roaring rapids of the river Otta, the fast and technical Skjøli-river, and the playful and exiting family trips, is just some of all that we can offer you of rafting experiences.

Short trip
If you are on the lookout for a wet and intense experience of the orwegian nature, our short trips are an excellent option. The short trip will give you an full on river experience with big waves and fast rapids.
We will start up on a quiet part of the river. Here we will practice the different paddling techniques before we get to the first rapid. Besides from rafting the big rapids of Ofossen and Vollungen, this trip may include surfing in Ofossen and jumping into the big and famous "Skjåk wave". If the spirits are high, we may even try on the fast and technical "Skjøli-river".
The short trip will last for about 3 hours.

Day trip
If you really want to experience everything about rafting, then should the day trip be your choice. On this trip you will come with us to a wide variety of rivers, filled with excitement and challenges. Big waves, roaring rapids and technical rafting in fast steep rivers. When everybody knows which way of the paddle to put in the water, we start out on quiet water with some practicing of the different paddling techniques, before we hit the first rapid in the Åstri river, before we move on to some technical paddling in the fast Dyrringen river. When we get feet back on dry land again we will take a break to eat lunch. Then we paddle the rapids of Ofossen and Vollungen, which contains the famous "Skjåk-wave". Anyone up for a swim? Finally we go up to the rapids of Skamsarfossen, were we finish of with a high jump of the brigde.
The day trip will last for about 5-6 hours, lunch break included.

Family trip
The family trip is rafting for everyone, no matter age or level, you can participate. The trip may be adapted to your desires, and will either way contain lots of fun and games for all the members of the family. This rafting takes place on the more quiet passage of the river Otta, which is easiest described as a big playground young and old. We slide, we jump, swim and have a great time all the way dowm the river. This rafting experience is guaranteed to put a big smile on your face.
The family trip lasts about 2 hours.



Season: May – October.

All the trips includes safety equipment
(wetsuits, wetsock, helmets, pfd etc.), insurance, transportation and professional guides. All trips start with a general briefing on rafting and safety issues before we enter the water.
The trips requires no earlier experience of rafting, just bring along your good mood and a bag of smiles!

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